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It’s all about the ride….

Riding a MotoGlide is an all-new experience. The 3000 watt brushless electric motor is virtually silent and delivers instant and smooth power. The noise, smell and vibration of a petrol engine may hold a certain attraction for the traditional biker, but the smooth speed and precise acceleration of a MotoGlide is a sensation of its own. Gliding through city traffic can be a real pleasure, and pulling away swiftly and silently from traffic lights ahead of the mob, whilst perhaps a little childish, is surprisingly satisfying. On the open road, without the noise of other traffic, the feeling is free and uplifting, whilst gliding through empty streets after dark is compelling and even addictive.


A breath of fresh air

We would love to see our cities become places full of fresh air, without the smoke, smells and noise of petrol or diesel engines. Electric transport can be the future for us and for our children…… It’s our choice.


Whether you’re looking to bolster flare or trying to find a reliable way to get around, MotoGlide motorcycles are designed to suit all purposes from small courier deliveries to daily city commuting. Our motorcycles are designed to suit the inexperienced as well as enthusiasts who wish to take a different approach to travel. With no gears or kickstart, you will quickly find that MotoGlide technology has made it very easy for anyone to master.

Running costs

With running costs of just 1p per mile, you probably lose more money down the back of the sofa than you’ll spend on a week of riding a MotoGlide to work and back. Buying a MotoGlide is a great long term investment, and the more you use it, the more you will save (assuming you don’t usually travel by bicycle). Typical running costs for a 50cc petrol moped are approximately 10 pence per mile. Electricity costs for running a MotoGlide are a tenth of this. To put it another way: A petrol bike would need to do over 500 miles per gallon to compete with the running costs of a MotoGlide. In addition, all electrical vehicles are tax free in the U.K. With a MotoGlide you can enjoy the freedom of having almost zero running costs.

A way to be

Owning a MotoGlide is not just about the look and feel of the bike. It’s a silent statement about you and what you want in the world.


Lady on motorcycleThe engine on most good quality 50cc petrol scooters and mopeds will last around 30,000 miles, and the average usage for these bikes is 5,000 – 10,000 miles per year. The MotoGlide Lithium Ion battery is capable of taking the motorcycle over double this distance and lasts 5 – 7 years. The MotoGlide brushless electric motor is likely to outlive the battery. This makes MotoGlide altogether a more cost effective option.

The Build

MotoGlide electric motorbikes are built to exacting specifications using the best quality parts available. The electronic components have been carefully matched by a highly experienced electronics team to produce an extremely reliable and long lasting electrical system, which optimises the power of the motor, whilst delivering smoothly increasing and decreasing current for ultimate efficiency and control. The dependability of the MotoGlide electronics system sets it apart from other electric motorcycles.

Silence & Safety

With no motor noise, you are able to hear more and travel unobtrusively through sensitive areas. The joy of riding in silence creates a peaceful, stress-free and more civilized travelling experience. However, the lack of noise is a hazard that cannot be ignored or underestimated. People (and pets) are not yet accustomed to silent vehicles, and accidents are likely to happen as a result. As the driver you need to be aware of this and drive extra carefully near pedestrians, crowded pavements or pedestrian areas. People may step onto the road without looking. Be ready to warn pedestrians of your presence by using the horn, which can be operated by thumb from both right and left handlebars.

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We are located at the Beaumont Business Centre, Woodlands Road, Mere, Wiltshire, BA12 6BT. If you would like to visit us, have a look at our motorcycles and even try one out, you are most welcome. Just call us to arrange a time. Tel: 01747 861601.

Tel: 01747 861601

Beaumont Business Centre,
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Wiltshire, BA12 6BT

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