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The sleek lines, the chrome handlebars, mirrors, headlamp and rear rack, and the much admired retro style of a MotoGlide Spirit 3000 make it an automatic head-turner, but with so few other electric vehicles on the roads, in an understated and sophisticated way, its silence draws even more attention.

3000 Watt Brushless Motor

Electric motorcycle motor

The Motor

Electric motors can vary enormously in performance and efficiency depending on the layout type, the quality of the materials used, and the and precision of their manufacture. The MotoGlide 3000 watt brushless electric motors are designed and built for optimum performance and durability and last more than twice as long as many seemingly similar motors. They utilise a double hall sensor system which delivers smooth and consistent power across their full speed range and produces excellent torque for uphill speed and swift acceleration.

The Battery

The MotoGlide battery is a highly superior 60V 20AH Lithium Ion battery and we have carefully sourced the very best available. As the single most expensive component, this alone gives a MotoGlide significantly higher value than many other electric motorcycles. The battery will take around 1500 full charges and (up to this number of charges) will last 5 - 7 years depending on its use and maintenance. As a Lithium Ion battery, it does not have a ‘memory’ to reduces its charge capacity if not fully charged, and is generally tolerant of partial and irregular charging. However, your owner’s manual gives useful guidance on how to optimise the overall performance of the battery, and good battery care can make a significant difference to its working life. With our standard 60V 8A charger, the battery takes 5 - 7 hours to charge fully, and can be charged either in the MotoGlide or out. It has a solid, hinged handle which allows it to slide easily out of the battery compartment under the seat and be carried to a suitable place for charging.

The Battery Charger

The battery charger is an all-important part of the electrical set-up. MotoGlide battery chargers are solidly built for consistency, reliability and longevity, making sure that your battery is well maintained throughout its working life. The 60V 8A battery charger weighs approximately 1.4kg and fits comfortably under the seat of the MotoGlide (above the battery) allowing room for a few other essentials. For many MotoGlide owners this will become the most practical place to store the battery charger, as it ensures it is always with the battery when it needs to be charged. The charger should be plugged into an ordinary 220v-240v household socket for charging.

The Brakes

MotoGlide use hydraulic bronze disc brakes on both front and rear wheels, producing excellent braking power with minimal effort and maximum control. The bronze material prevents corrosion as well as reducing wear on the brake pads, resulting in exceptionally long lasting discs, and less frequent replacement of brake pads. Altogether a solid and reliable braking system.

Hyraulic Brakes

Motoglide Hydraulic Brakes

Front Disc Brake

Front Disc Brake

Brake lever

Brake Leavers


Motoglide Suspension

The Suspension

The MotoGlide suspension system comprising steel spring with hydraulic shock absorber unit has undergone rigorous testing at the factory to ensure no hydraulic leakage over several hundred thousand compressions per day. Whilst the suspension is designed to be firm and sporty for optimum handling and control, and can support a maximum load of 175kg, it also has enough just enough give to allow a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Frame

The MotoGlide steel frame is built to withstand the daily rigours of handling a potential total load of 251kg (motorcycle weight plus rider and passenger) over a 1.31m wheelbase, whilst accelerating, braking, and cornering, and over traffic humps or uneven road surfaces. The frame undergoes a two stage coating process with an initial high temperature powder coating followed by an electrophoretic coating which offers a high corrosion resistance in excess of 1000 hours of salt spray treatment. In addition, unlike sprayed or dipped coatings the ‘E-coat’ gives a uniform density of coating over the whole frame. The frame itself has a 5 year anti-corrosion warranty.


Electric motoglide motorbike from front

Front lamps

Front lamps, mirrors and handlebars



Rear lights

Rear lights

Seat and rack

Seat and rack

Centre stand


Passenger Footrest

Passenger Footrest

Seat Up

Black Motglide Seat Up


Black Motoglide


Black Motglide Seat Up


Red Motocycle Rear

The MotoGlide Spirit 3000 has a maximum speed of 30mph. The speed is restricted electronically as a standard part of the build in order for the motorcycle to be rated as a 50cc (petrol engine) equivalent for all legal purposes. This means that it can be legally ridden by a 16 year old on public roads and only a CBT test is required as a license for those who do not already hold a driving licence that includes 50cc motorcycles. Whilst the powerful 3000 watt brushless electric motor is capable of significantly more than this top speed, the 30mph restriction can be regarded as a simple and reliable way to keep within the normal speed limit in most city centres, towns and villages. However, the extra power available gives the Spirit 3000 excellent acceleration as well as the power to handle steep hills with ease.

Spirit 3000 Technical Specifications

Motor 3000 watt Brushless electric (with double hall sensor system).
Battery Lithium Ion 60Volt 20AmpHour compact, removable. 11.7kg.
Charger 220v – 240v input. 60volt 8amp output.
Brakes Hydraulic Bronze disc brakes front & rear
Tyres (Fr/Rr) 120/70-12 Tubeless
Max range per charge 40 miles
Maximum Speed 40mph
Charge Time 5 – 7 hours
Dimensions Length 1891mm. Width 882mm. Height 1115mm.
Wheelbase 1310mm
Weight 101kg
Max load 150kg

How to Buy

NB. We require a 50% deposit with your order.

It will take approximately 8 weeks (current lead time) for us to build and deliver your MotoGlide once you have placed your order, so don’t lose any time and make your best lifestyle decision yet. Simply fill in the order form and hit the ‘submit’ button, and we will reserve your place in the queue for up to 4 days while we wait to receive your 50% deposit payment. Once your deposit payment is received your order will be processed and we will start to build your MotoGlide.

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